Personal training takes on a whole new meaning when the person you're working out with is your hot sweaty boyfriend. We're sure things get extra personal under circumstances like that. Well, Ashley Benson (Hanna) of Pretty Little Liars and singer/actress Miley Cyrus would be the girls to ask, considering their main men seem to be their main workout buddies too. While Ashley was spotted breaking a sweat with her boyfriend Ryan Good in Florida back in March, Miley was seen leaving Pilates...

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risque pics of Miley Cyrus leaked

Jul 17, 2012 Author: MileyBox Staff | Filed under: Miley Cyrus, News

( 4UMF NEWS ) Risque Pics Of Miley Cyrus Leaked:

The latest round of “leaked” Miley Cyrus photos are marvelous domesticate in comparison to her preceding leaks, but still rather risque considering she’s still a barely-undoubted teen!

The newly busy actress flips the bird as the cam aims just down her shirt… but not without the notorious duck face, of course.


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Here is a photo of Miley Cyrus out and about in Los Angeles, California before she dyed her hair bright blonde! Do you like Miley’s hairstyle with the bun on the top of her head? It seems to have become her go-to style for summer! Take the poll below to let us know!

Miley will reportedly be heading to Philadelphia soon with her fiance Liam Hemsworth when he begins filming “Paranoia.” Let us know if you spot them there!

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liam hemsworth and lucas till filming “paranoia” in philadelphia

Jul 17, 2012 Author: MileyBox Staff | Filed under: Miley Cyrus, News

Liam Hemsworth and Lucas Till will reportedly be on the set of “Paranoia” very soon if they aren’t already. Filming for the movie will take place in Philadelphia, and the film also stars Harrison Ford.

Sources have said that Liam is planning to have Miley Cyrus stay with him in Philadelphia for the duration of the filming, but she is currently still in LA.

Here’s a description of the movie from IMDB:

A boss blackmails one of his young employees to spy on a rival company.

Let us know if you spot Miley and Liam together in Philadelphia!

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spotted: Miley Cyrus and liam hemsworth leave…

Jul 17, 2012 Author: MileyBox Staff | Filed under: Miley Cyrus, News
Don't worry, the newly engaged couple didn't leave the country or anything. Miley and Liam did, however, leave Pilates class together — and if you ask us, that's just as big of a deal. Seen outside of the gym in Beverly Hills yesterday (July 16), the star-studded duo looked tired and sweaty after their workout class. We don't know if we can picture The Hunger Games' Liam Hemsworth crunching and stretching on a yoga mat, but hey, this Australian hunk can pull it off. As for Miley? It...

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Miley Cyrus & liam hemsworth are a pilates pair » gossip

Jul 17, 2012 Author: MileyBox Staff | Filed under: Miley Cyrus, News
Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Are A Pilates Pair » Gossip | Miley Cyrus | Liam Hemsworth
 Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Are A Pilates Pair » Gossip – It looks like Miley Cyrus turned fiancé Liam Hemsworth into a pilates fan too! On July 16, the newlyweds-to-be wrapped up an afternoon session at Windsor Pilates in West Hollywood. After the too-cute twosome exited the studio, Liam and his real-life leading lady headed to their car nearby.

Though the pair have yet to set a date for their impending nuptials, they’re working hard to get in tip-top shape for the big day. You know what they say, the couple that works out together, stays together! ;]

Incoming search terms:

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Miley Cyrus & liam hemsworth leave pilates together (@MileyCyrus)

Jul 17, 2012 Author: MileyBox Staff | Filed under: Miley Cyrus, News

Miley Cyruys was spotted leaving pilates class with fiance Liam Hemsworth at Winsor Studios this morning (July 16, 2012) in West Hollywood. Before driving off, Miley said her goodbyes to a friend.

pil pil11 pil21 pil22 pil31 pil41
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Australians In Film Awards & Benefit Dinner 2012 - Portraits
(EXCLUSIVE ACCESS SPECIAL RATES APPLY) Actor Liam Hemsworth and singer Miley Cyrus pose during Australians In Film Awards & Benefit Dinner at InterContinental Hotel on June 27, 2012 in Century City, California. (Getty Images)more pics »Six years after landing the leading role in Disney's Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus finds herself engaged to Liam Hemsworth, and (according to Us Weekly) more than ready to have kids.

A totally reliable family source says the newly engaged couple "really want(s) to have a baby quickly." (Notice the use of italics on the word "quickly." That means they REALLY want to have a baby fast!) Lest we forget, Cyrus is 19, while Hemsworth is a relatively ancient 22. On average, women give birth to their first child at age 23. But no one ever said Cyrus was average. So, tell us:

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Miley-Cyrus-Blond-HairMiley Cyrus knows blondes have more fun! The Hannah Montana actress, 19, ditched her red locks and showed off a new blonde summer ‘do while out skateboarding with her fiancee Liam Hemsworth on Sunday. Her lighter locks were out in full force as she rode down the street wearing a white tank, skimpy black shorts...Read more»
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Miley Cyrus dyes her hair back to blonde!

Jul 16, 2012 Author: MileyBox Staff | Filed under: Miley Cyrus, News

(Getty Images; photo via Miley Cyrus)

Hannah Montana, is that you?! Nah, it's just a blonde bride-to-be Miley Cyrus. (We wonder if this will be the color she'll choose for her big day with swoon-tastic fiance Liam Hemsworth?) Kicking her previous red ombre hue to the curb, it looks like the former Disney pop princess and La Lohan did a color switcharoo.

The engaged star recently tweeted a pic of her brightened up tresses along with the comment: "Now that I'm blonde I gotta give duck lips in every photo." (C'mon ya'll, she's just being Miley.)

We think Miley looks simply stuh-ning with her new blonde 'do! But which shade do you prefer on the star? Bright blonde, sultry auburn or on-trend ombre? Let's put it to a vote, shall we?

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